Midnight Mayhem! Decals and other Additions

First blog post here.  I thought I'd share the newest designs added to the website.  What I want to add here is my thoughts about my designs, and maybe also show my design process, what inspires my designs and the cars I like.  Hopefully it will give you a feel for my style and help you with custom design requests from Vinyl Houze.  While I do have designs to offer, I'd like to do more custom work;  whether it's for a team, car related, non-car related, I'd like to offer these services to you.  Please contact me if interested! :)

Also, the blog will just get more in-depth on the updates and news.

Midnight Mayhem! v2 (2 color)
Midnight Mayhem! v2
Lonely Drivers Club
Midnight Mayhem! v1

A few new stickers added to the collection I have on the website. Version 2 of Midnight Mayhem happened just recently.  (today actually!) While I like the design of the original, something else was missing, and so I just kept adding on to it.  I feel like most of the bordered designs get more attention. What do you think? Two color version of the Midnight Mayhem decal will also be available.

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